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Prof. Dr. Ulrich Anders

This is my personal website for teaching and research purposes. Thank you for visiting.

Professorship of Strategic Management

After years in various management and executive positions, after significant experiences in the area of startups, and after some time as a management advisor I am now a Professor of Strategic Management at  CBS International Business School in Cologne. In addition, I also work as the managing director of the  university founders network cologne (hochschulgründernetz cologne e.V.), which has the aim to support founders and to be founders to startup their own business.

The subjects I lecture are from the area of Strategic Management which include Business Administration and Digital Topics: Mergers & Acquisitions, Business and Financial Analysis, Financial Consulting, Agile Project Management and Design Thinking, Organizational Design, Digital Network Economy, Digital Strategy Development, Digital Management, Digital Organization and App Development in JavaScript. You can find out more about myself on my  LinkedIn page.

As a foundation of my strategic courses I use the  Business Model Components Map. The Business Model Components Map exists in different color variants and can be downloaded as a  PDF-file in English or  in German. This map also serves as a basis for a tool called  Visual Business Planner which I have developed to help companies or startups to easily create a financial, customer and marketing plan. I also use the Visual Business Planner as an interactive tool in my lectures for business plan writing and for validating product ideas.

Important: The project Visual Business Planner has been selected by the German Foundation  Stifterverband as one of the  “Top 100 Projects” for eduction, science and innovation. Please, read more about it in the  Blog.

Learning Is Trying

My credo in teaching is Learning Is Trying. For optimum learning I consider it as absolutely necessary to not only understand content theoretically and conceptionally but also to try it out and apply it. For instance, for the financial lectures I have developed a financial reporting spreadsheet which contains the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, shareholder’s equity statement and all common ratios. In comparison with slides or books, this spreadsheet allows the students an interactive and cause-effect approach towards financial reporting. At the same time the spreadsheet computes the most common analysis ratios and explains each of their purposes.

Prof Dr Ulrich Anders Financial Reporting Analysis v3 3 0

As a reference you will find here the  definitions of the most common and significant ratios for the financial analysis of companies.

I pursue the same approach also for my lectures in (agile) project management. We develop personas, stories and epics, we estimate efforts by help of agile poker, we conceptualize project control sheets, or make interactive investment calculations for projects.

Teaching Methods

Prof Dr Ulrich Anders Business Model Online Teaching v1 0 0 de

Apart from the classical and tested methods for teaching I also employ new forms of knowledge transfer, e.g. by help of producing videos or websites. In a digital network economy with tight global markets it is absolutely essential to communicate ones own ideas, innovations and products.

Therefore, I also teach how to put own content into videos or websites. In the meantime, many of my students have already created videos or programmed websites. Websites are programmed with JavaScript or Markdown using the workflow of GitHub.

As an accompanyment for my lectures Digital Strategy Development and Digital Network Economy I have coded this website on digital topics and for finding useful digital resources.

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