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Visual Business Planner

The Visual Business Planner is a webapp that helps to produce even advanced business plans in a short time. With it one can validate product ideas and business models. It works interactively, removes complexity through the online use and displays all results graphically for easy interpretation.

You will find the Visual Business Planner here:

The project Visual Business Planner has been selected by the German Foundation Stifterverband as one of the “Top 100 Projects” for eduction, science and innovation. Please read more about it in the Blog.

Visual Business Planner

Startup founders as well as company owners or managers who need to produce a business plan, normally face the challenge that they want to calculate the break even point or future profits of their company, project or startup. For this they typically take Excel, they are setting a price for their product, trying to make some estimates about the revenue and then about their costs.

However, in many cases they get stuck when some more detailed planning becomes necessary. And very fast, the Excel sheet will become very complex and difficult to handle, especially when it comes down to planning the development of customer bases, subscription models, variable costs, marketing costs and results, or network effects.

Competing solutions don’t plan customers

There exist a number of competing business plan solutions. Most, if not all, suffer from the principal drawback, that they are trying to plan individual positions from the Balance Sheet or from the Income Statement directly. However, this approach is flawed in my opinion. One needs to plan customers and transactions from customers first and derive Income Statement positions such as revenue or costs from there. This is the only proper way.

Financial reporting and its structure is the result at the end, not the starting point of a business. The starting point of all business ideas or projects are the product and the customers. The numbers then need to develop from there — and this is exactly what the Visual Business Planner does.

The Visual Business Planner puts the products, the customers, purchases and contracts in the centre of the reasoning. Purchases and contracts are connecting the customers with a product. The financials then result from applying these data.

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