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Project Calculation Formulae

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Anders

Here are the most relevant formulae for calculating project investment ratios. And be careful when you use Excel function without understanding what they exactly calculate...


Stifterverband fördert Visual Business Planner

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Anders

Anlässlich seines hundertjährigen Bestehens hat der Stifterverband ein Programm namens Wirkung hoch 100 aufgelegt. Unter mehr als 500 Einreichungen wurden die besten 100 Ideen für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Innovation ausgesucht. Dabei ist der Visual Business Planner...


AI (Artificial Intelligence) Beyond Buzz Words

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Anders

There is a lot of buzz around AI (Artificial Intelligence). People speak about AI and suggest all kind of areas or problems to which AI will be applied to in the future. However, is this realistic? Marketing campaigns add to this believe...


Semantic Versioning for Paperwork: v2.4.1

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Anders

A whole IT-industry could not work without proper versioning. But while one area is completely dependent on it and could not live without, in all other area the advantages or versioning are more or less completely ignored. Or do apply versioning to your files?


Essential Business Definitions

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Anders

There are a number of essential business definitions one should definitely know. If you don't have same ready, please have a look here...

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