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Digital Resources for Producing Content

15 Dec 2020 · v1.0.0 · Prof. Dr. Ulrich Anders


Content has three aspects, that need to be considered:

  • Content creation — there are many forms of content: articles, blogs, stories, images, illustrations, videos, podcasts, etc.

  • Content presentation — people tend to judge about the quality of the content by its appearance. Just like in products, people believe that better designed products have a better quality.

  • Content delivery — the best content in its nicest form has no value if it does not reach anybody.

There are some very useful resources and also some excellent free software tools for producing content. They are all available for Windows, Max, or Linux:

Free Fonts

  • Google Fonts: A huge variety of free fonts — also for local download.

  • FontSquirrel: Hand-selected pretty fonts.

License Free Music

License Free Images (and Video Snippets)

Free Software (or Free for Academic Purposes)

Text Editors and Transpilers

Graphic Editors and Transpilers


Broadcasting and Screencast

Video Editing

Content Exchange

Song and Video Player

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